french language training & translation

French Language Consultant (FLC)  joins Theatre MosaicMond (TMM) in

the creation of BILINGUAL PLAYS ( Sartre’s No-Exit-Huis Clos, Fugato Labile for Camille Claudel) presented on stage in English, then in French, back to back the same evening,

the posting of  French Connections blog posts,

and to offer you

ACTING WORK SHOPS, in French and-or in English, and

FRENCH LANGUAGE SERVICES tailored to your schedule constraints, to your ways of learning, to your individual needs or group goals.  Costs vary with services.

  1. Translation from English into French
  2. French Pronunciation coaching
  3. French language lessons designed just for you, using internet, skype and phone
  4. Story telling for learners, on video at any level or style of language.  The trailer of an existing project will soon be on this site.

The translator has experience in France, Québec (Canada) and Vermont. The language teacher is a native speaker of the Standard French (to be understood in any francophone part of the world), has a Master’s degree in teaching foreign language, and many years of experience in France, Montréal (Canada) and Vermont. The Story teller is a professional actress.  Three in One.

Among the works and projects FLC participated in are: texts included in the trilingual English, Spanish, French issue of the magazine Ad Busters. This magazine publishes a Spanish version. TMM offers a Spanish connections blog post.

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And the translation of the novel “Dear World”, in French “Cher Monde” written by our Vermont author and activist Garry Davis, and based on his magnificent life dedicated to all of us on this little planet Earth. It is very sad and unfortunate that Mr. Garry Davis died recently after completing his “act” on stage for a full length documentary which will be soon in the theaters: “My Country is the world, and the world is my stage“.


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Theatre Mosaic Mond is a member supporter of the Alliance Française au Vermont.