about tmm

  • Where, how, when and touring

The TMM Company creates from its studio in Jericho, Vermont (USA), presents all year long, and has the world for its stage.  Each TMM play debuts at The Off Center for the Dramatics Arts in Burlington, VT.  A play can then tour anywhere by invitation or its own programing. Any stage format will be considered.  The team at TMM will carefully read submissions by playwrights.

  • Philosophy

Life is a mosaic; Diversity is essential.
TMM believes that diversity is essential, in Biology as well as in the Arts, and in Theater. TMM believes that there is space for each creature and creation, on Earth and on Stage. Diversity is what will keep Theater not only alive but growing well and happy. Diversity at every level. Diversity in the range of choice offered to the audience. And diversity at the level of each creation.
TMM is commercially a risk taker. TMM certainly is influenced by Georgette Garbes Putzel’s European and North African roots as well as her Canadian and North American experience; TMM is welcoming other cultures to be part of the creations. However, TMM does not marginalize itself and its audience because of a specific ethnicity, or class or gender or religion. TMM is simply the product of 3 and more cultures. TMM does not want to shock but to disturb the bourgeois habits of stage while not being ex-centric.

  • Professionalism

Without an attitude.
At TMM we train, act, create and produce in a professional manner. At TMM no one has “an attitude”. At TMM we believe in hard work and creativity. At TMM we select the plays without commercial considerations; each selection reflects an artistic and humanistic urge to communicate some important aspect of life. At TMM each play is minutely rehearsed. The creation is at the end a team product. Innovation lies not necessarily in the choice of the play but in the ways to present it.

  • TMM core team by alphabetical order

Andrew Albright
Beth Albright
Diego Mattos
Georgette Garbès Putzel
Roger Putzel
Sam Clark

  • Practices

Every TMM production diverges from current practice.
A Visit from Miss Prothero (TMM 2009) is traditionally viewed as a TV British comedy. TMM was intrigued by the underlying drama so well scripted by Alan Bennett and presented it with a focus on relationships. The social relationship between two ordinary people. One of the two characters had a French accent. For pictures and more go to Past Seasons
No Exit (or Huis Clos in French), by Jean Paul Sartre, (TMM 2010) is often viewed as a heavy philosophical, dark, not to say boring for the stage audience, piece. Most people remember Sartre by the famous line from No Exit: “Hell is other people”. What we mostly forgot is what Sartre himself said about his play: ”Hell is the other people has always been misunderstood.” (Paris 1965.) TMM wanted to bring back to stage Sartre’s view. We did it in English and in French, back to back. For pictures and more go to Past Seasons .
Mrs Warren’s Profession was on stage in May 2011. Again TMM focused on the relationships between the characters and between the characters and their daily involvements and professions. For pictures and more go to Past Seasons.
Asterion was a one actor play using minimalist staging, physical acting, movement, poetry and live instruments. For pictures and more go to Past Seasons.

  • History

TMM was founded by Georgette Garbès–Putzel in 2009 and registered in Montpelier, Vermont. as a vehicle for expressly professional theater, an outlet for highly trained actors; she remains its Artistic Director and one of its main actors; she writes and also does set designs and choreography. She loves operating the light board when not on stage. Inspired by her professional training and experience as an actress as well as her love of psycholinguistics, fine arts, architectural design, photography (pinhole black & white), butoh movement Georgette always tries to learn more skills and welcomes other creators to join her at TMM. MosaicMond was created for the Arts & the Humanities with a focus on Diversity.